Top 10 favourite bands

I decided, for some reason, I should make a “Top 10” list. And here it is: my top 10 favourite bands and why.

# 10 – Blur

Blur is a band I used to listen to a lot when I was a kid. I had such a crush on Damon Albarn and used to listen to Parklife all the time. They were my favourite band when I was around six through eight years old and then I stopped listening to them because I was “getting older”. I started wearing mini-skirts and pretending to eat chewing gum whilst listening to Britney Spears. It wasn’t until much later (around fifteen/sixteen years old) that they came back into my life. I heard Parklife on the radio and instantly fell in love again. I now listen to them regularly.

# 9 – OK Go

This band isn’t as close to my heart and haven’t been in my life for a long time. I saw the video for Here It Goes Again on the telly and thought it was both a clever video and a nice song. Some years later I heard it again and started listening to other songs as well, and Here It Goes Again became a new favourite. I don’t know why, but for a long time I was ashamed to admit that I was listening to OK Go and whenever I was listening to any of their song I put my headphones on. Now I can honestly say I really really like this band. They are clever, funny, they make me happy and have made a lot of music videos through the years that just make me love them even more.

# 8 – Crash Test Dummies

This also was a band I used to listen to a lot before. I have a feeling there’s going to be a lot of these. Anyway, I remember Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm very well. It was on the radio constantly in the 90’s, and I can honestly remember that, even though I was around four or five years old. I didn’t really listen to them a lot, though. I only remember this one particular song. It wasn’t until I was around seventeen that I heard them again. I found out my dad listened to some of their music when I heard Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm again. I didn’t really recognise it, but I knew there was something familiar with it. Now I’ve heard most of their songs, and I consider God Shuffled His Feet my favourite album. The entire album reminds my of late summer nights when I sat alone in my room and played Monkey Island and watched Hot Fuzz… for some reason.

# 7 – Oingo Boingo

This band mean a lot to me in a very specific way. I probably wouldn’t have had it on this list if I weren’t a Tim Burton fan, seeing as the leader of this band, Danny Elfman, has done 99 % of all the music used in every single Tim Burton film. I probably wouldn’t have included it if I didn’t enjoy Halloween that much either. It may come as a surprise that Halloween is closer to my heart than Christmas, but there you go, it just is. The reason I’m bringing up Halloween is that this holiday is very nostalgic to me, and I don’t really know why. I think I may have heard Oingo Boingo a long time ago in association with Halloween, but I’m not entirely sure. Either way it’s because of this nostalgic feeling I get around Halloween and October that I severely enjoy this band. It is close to my heart in a distant way, and it feels like that’s the way it should be.

# 6 – Beta Band

This band sort of stands out amongst its friends on this list. First off, I don’t believe it’s a very popular band. Second, its genre is sort of different. While most of the bands on this list belong to Rock or Alternative, this band stick more to Folktronica. I don’t listen to this genre at all, but this band opened my eyes to it.
I don’t really know what it is with this band that makes me enjoy it so much. I feel it has some kind of mysterious and weird, almost unsettling atmosphere about it. It sounds weird, but it feels like there’s something that doesn’t really “fit” with this band. And it’s that unhinged and distant feeling I get from this band that I love. It feels wrong and broken in a right way.

# 5 – Eels

Many misspell this band and calls it “The Eels”. For the record it is “Eels” without the “The”. Now you know.
This is a band I’ve got a lot of mixed feelings about. It was originally a band I used to listen to when I was depressed, and with a good reason. The creator of the band, Mark Oliver Everett, or simply E, have had a very troubled life. His father died when Mark was nineteen years old, then his schizophrenic sister committed suicide in 1996, and then two years later his mother died from lung cancer. This family tragedy has certainly been an inspiration to his sometimes heartbreaking music, and as stated I used to be depressed to it. But later I found that he did have some happy music as well. Sometimes it has this “life sucks, I hate everything, everything hurts”-feel to it, but several of his songs is more like “alway look on the bright side of life”. I find both kind of sad, actually. Those happy songs are a little bit “my dog died in my arms this morning, but at least I’m healthy”; happy, yet sad. And I like that a lot.

# 4 – Peter Gabriel

Not really a band, but a person I admire endlessly. Not only is his music great, but he as a person is just wonderful. In 2006 he was given the Man of Peace award, which is understandable considering how much he’s been fighting for human rights. His music has, as well as others on this list, been following my through my life. My father is a huge fan and unlike the other ones his music has always been there. Constantly. I’ve quite simply grown up with his music since day one and I’ve enjoyed every second of it. His music fills me (without sounding too spiritual) with peace and happiness and also a sense of nostalgia without it getting too powerful. Because his music not necessarily reminds me of a specific time in my life, but has been there all the time, his music doesn’t really remind me of anything but me dad. As you’ve probably understood by now I have a very close relationship with my father and I’ve gotten a lot of my taste in music from him.

# 3 – Madness

I’ve already made a long post about this band on my Norwegian blog, but I guess I could make another one *sigh*. Only joking.
Madness is one of my top three favourite bands (obviously, considering it is # 3) and I’ve got a quite complicated history with this band. I HAVE been a fan for a long time, but probably not a big one, until recently. I first heard Madness, probably on the radio, but as far as I can remember the first time I heard them was on SingStar. My friend and I were singing Our House and found the middle part impossible. I know know it by heart, because I love it. I then continued to download this song and found that the genre of it was something called “ska“. I had never heard of this before my brother one day told me, quite randomly, that he was “going to a ska concert”. I then answered “Oh, I know what that is” and showed him that one ska-song (which I now would not claim to be a ska-song) I had on my computer. He answered “That is a weird ska-song”. Now I agree, because when I think of ska now my mind doesn’t go directly to Our House. The next Madness song I heard was It Must Be Love and that was, ironically, the time I fell in love with the band. The reason I love Madness is that they don’t just stick to ska, although the band works as a fantastic ska band. They make different kinds of music, and I find that is a huge reason to consider a band great. I now consider myself both a ska fan and a huge Madness fan!

# 2 – They Might Be Giants

If I could I would have placed this at # 1 along with the other band, but to make this list properly I’m putting this awesome band at # 2 (tee hee).
Considering how long the rest of the bands on this list have been with me, I have to confess and say that I’ve not been a They Might Be Giants fan for a long time. I first heard them when I was fifteen years old through me dad (the first song I heard was Ana Ng) and at first didn’t think it was anything special. I don’t even remember how I started listening to them in the first place, but here I am. I became a bigger fan through the years and even had a period of a 14 months where the only music I listened to was They Might Be Giants. The main reason I absolutely love this band is the sinpleness. It’s just simple tunes, sometimes only vocals and an accordion, sometimes only vocals. I also love how they don’t really exaggerate; they don’t try to make their voices prettier (they even use the wrong technique) or try to be better than they are. They seem so real and just simply human. Also, their music is quite special. I love how they hardly even sing about love, but rather night lights or about going to work at an office. Many of their lyrics are actually quite sad, though the melody is very cheerful, which is a creative way to express your feelings (actually a great example of how they don’t exaggerate).

# 1 – (Ibetyou’reexcitednowhereitcomesareyouready?) The Beatles

Yeah, wow, I didn’t expect that at all. A band considered to be the greatest in history, wow, you really surprised me there. Yes, well, if you don’t like it go somewhere else, judgemental person who’s actually me.
Yes, I know this is pretty obvious and I know you were probably expecting something totally out of the ordinary and so on, but this band and I have a great history, though not really. Like almost every other band on this list this band has been, not very surprisingly, with me throughout my entire life. What may come as a surprise is that the first song I ever heard from this great band was Real Love, probably the last ever Beatles song (considering they’d already broken up). I heard this song when I was around five or six years old and have since then liked The Beatles, but they didn’t become a huge part of my life until later (I don’t really remember when, but probably around thirteen or fourteen).
The Beatles have been not only an inspiration to many things (first band to make me want to learn an instrument (bass and drums), first band to make me want to make music, first band to make me love music all together), but also “been there” around my most precious memories. Not that these memories are particularly important, they just mean a lot to me. Also, they were the first band ever that I really read into. When I was around thirteen I started reading a lot and doing a lot of research around them. I was so interested, they were so fascinating. They really were the first band to introduce me properly to the world of music, and they mean the world to me.
Not only do I love the music, but I feel John, Paul, Ringo and George have become like dear friends to me. I appreciate them as people and as artists and I owe them the world.
The Beatles have been a real eye opener for me, considering many things, not just music. They’re just very very close to me.

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