Barcelona, day 9 (12.06.2012)

The last day in Barcelona was quite slow. We had to pack and throw away the food we didn’t eat so it wouldn’t get bad. We had to be out of the apartment around 11:00 a.m. and our plane didn’t leave before 05:00 p.m., and we had nothing to do. Most of the time we sat quietly in the Miró Park. After a while we figured it’d be best to take the bus to the airport early because we had to do something important there. Remember how I said I lost my passport? And then a random bloke found it? Well, we had to pick it up at the airport, more specifically at the Ryanair Offices. This sounds a lot easier than it is. First of all, we had no idea where these offices were. At first we found it most reasonable to ask at the information booth, but this turned out to be an information booth aimed specifically at disabled people, and seeing as we were not disabled we had to go away. We then figured, after walking across the airport, that we should ask at the luggage check-in desk. They told us to “go over there, to the offices, please”. So we did. There were two windows open, and since we were two and since whichever line you get in, the other line is bound to go faster, but then when you change lines the other one starts moving faster and so on, I took the great idea from Mike, the cool person, to stand in our separate lines and whoever got there first started the robbery, I mean asked for my passport. I got there first and they didn’t believe me. They were incredibly sceptical towards us, but eventually told us to go another office, at the other side of the airport, at the arrivals, and that there would be a person there to give us my passport. To get to the arrivals we had to go somewhere illegal and we were stopped by security. We said that we were sent here to pick up my passport, but they too were very sceptical and asked us several questions before sending us to the office. When we got there picking up my passport was incredibly easy. They just asked me my last name and I said “yes”. I then had the passport in my hands.
I guess this entire thing took us around one or one and a half hours.
We checked in and walked around for a bit. I bought some Anthon Berg and a lip-balm and had something to eat before we got in line at the check-in desk. It was a very very long line and it took a long time before we got on the plane. But we finally got on, I fell asleep and we arrived home around 08:00 p.m. The rest of the trip is told in the post “Goodbye, Spain” and nothing interesting happened after this point.

That was an abrupt end to a long story.

I want to thank you all very much for reading! I don’t think I’ve had this many views and attention for anything ever, actually. I am honestly very grateful, and I understand I won’t be able to top this with anything else I’ll be writing about in the future (probably).
I hope you enjoyed reading about my trip :)

Also, since there were no photographs in this post I want to give you this:

It’s my Chewbacca doll.

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