Barcelona, day 8 (11.06.2012)

This was our last full day in Barcelona and we figured we should make it a good one. Keep in mind that we were all very tired of the warmth, the noise, all the people around us all the time and (probably) each other.
We started the day by taking a trip to the aquarium, “one of the biggest in Europe“, apparently. They had some cool stuff, some weird animals I’ve never seen before, an octopus, some sharks and a damselfish. They also had a big tunnel which was impossible to just walk through, I guess, because they had us all placed on a conveyor belt. Like most aquariums you’re always expecting more than you’re probably going to get, and this wasn’t any different. When they claimed to be “one of the biggest in Europe” I was expecting huge fishes, maybe even dolphins or a huge octopus or some seamonster. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either. It sort of reminded me of a better version of the “Shark Walk” at London Aquarium, which was ridiculous. We could just barely see a couple of some shark’s tails through very small windows on the floor, and they even felt like asking us afterwards “Did you find the Shark Walk scary?”, “Would you ever take the Shark Walk again?” Oooh. It was not scary. But back to the point.
It was quite hard to take photos in here, I was told by the others, but we (they) managed to take some after all. Here’s everything we got:

After this we went home for some lunch and then we went out again to visit something we had all been looking forward to: Tibidabo, a big amusement park on the top of Barcelona. We, or at least I had been looking up at Tibidabo several nights looking forward to what my father had talked so much about. It was he that recommended we go there and now we were finally doing it! Except that when we got up there it was closed. And we just had to save it for the last time we could do it at all and at the point we wouldn’t have had the energy to do anything at all. So instead we found a nice café almost at the top and had something to drink. Then we traveled all the way back down again.
Because this was our last day in Barcelona our teacher decided he should pay for our dinner. Therefore we went to the most expensive place we could think of; on the top of the roof, at Cinco Jotas. There I ate the best chocolate cake I’ve ever tasted in my entire life. Here are some pictures of us waiting for our food.

It was very very good. We went home for a good nights sleep before finally packing our stuff and getting ready for our trip home.

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