Barcelona, day 7 (10.06.2012)

Around this time we thought we were about done. We didn’t do much this day, but we took one last trip down to La Rambla and had a look around the old town. As far as I can remember we spent a lot of time down there that day. The girls thought we knew the area pretty well now and decided we could walk around by ourselves, which turned out to be a bad idea. Not that anything horrible happened, but we got sort of lost. What was supposed to be a look around turned out to be a quest to get out of a huge maze. After walking around the chappel in the old town a bit we finally met one of our teachers who took us home.
There we had a bit of a freshen up before we went out again.

There didn’t happen a lot to talk about today, we only walked around and looked around, walked through alleyways and checked out some shops (we even found some that sold, not very surprisingly, ska records). Not many photos were taken this day except this one:

This is where our very oldfashioned, laid-back teacher and our very non-punk classmate witnessed a punk concert a few days ago. It was around El Raval, an area around La Rambla and Barri Gòtic. There was also a lot of markets around here with a lot of fancy jewelry.
When night fell I was finally going to see the fountain for the first time. Because I didn’t see it before this night I’ve saved the pictures that was taken of it ’til now.

After this we went home and had a nice sleep. As I said, not a very cultural day, but there you go.

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