Barcelona, day 6 (09.06.2012)

The next day, well rested, we headed for the Miró museum, Fundació Joan Miró. I’m sorry to inform you that we weren’t allowed to take picture here, so I can’t show you anything. But if you want you can check out their website, where you can get a glimpse of how it looked like and some of his works. The language button is on the bottom right, if you have trouble finding it.
After that we decided to take a trip to the fortress on Montjuïc, all the way on the top. To get there we had to take a cable car, which was exciting. The fortress, or castle, was mostly used as a military prison and a prison for anarchist workers. It also held executions sometimes. You can read more about it here.
Here are some pointless pictures to make you happy, probably not.

Later I was feeling very sick and we went home. After dinner some time, we decided to visit the fountain again, because only two of us had seen it. I wasn’t allowed though, because I was sick. The rest of the evening I was doing some exercises in some English grammar book left behind by some Spanish student. It was quite fun and it basically became my productivity tool on this trip.
We went to bed and I had again, as several of us did almost every night, difficulty sleeping.

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