Barcelona, day 5 (08.06.2012)

At this point we were all pretty tired, so we decided to take the day off. By “the day off” I mean we didn’t really have to hurry about anything, we didn’t have to get up super early, we could do what we felt like etc. So we all headed down the La Rambla again to have a look around and get to know the not-so-tourist-like side of Barcelona. This was quickly interrupted as we sat down at a café which dealt with exactly that. They even had a guided tour. It was kind of nice, though. It was hidden away deep inside the old city (around the Gothic Quarter) and we had to go through lots of alleys to get there. We had some lunch (with too much cheese…) and sat around for a while. As we sat there we witnessed several performances. There were around four or five men who made music with drums and clapping and that in itself was pretty cool, but then they started jumping like ten feet in the air and doing somersaults and everything. It was awesome! Then there was this couple that started dancing some sort of tango-salsa-mix. That was also pretty cool.
After relaxing a while we went shopping without actually shopping. We found some pretty awesome stores, though. Several sold huge superhero posters and Star Wars merchandise, and it was just really really cool. As previously mentioned we didn’t actually buy anything.
Later on we made our way home and had some dinner. After this I guess one of us wasn’t tired anymore, so he went for a run around Montjuïc while the girls went out to get some drinks, actually. Seems kind of weird to do this on a school trip, I know, but… I don’t know. If you want you can check out these awkward photos.

I know what you’re thinking, we didn’t actually get drunk. We had one glass of Sangria, which was delicious. This restaurant (called Cinco Jotas)was on the roof of Arenas de Barcelona, a huge shopping centre. When we felt like we’ve had enough we started to make our way home, but was stopped by this amazing view.

We didn’t however want to check it out up close, for some reason. So we went home. At home we met our two guys and one of them explained how he, whilst running, had come over this fountain-ligh-music show completely by accident, and had called our teacher to get him down there. They had, in fact, called us as well, but we had ignored their enthusiasm and continued our girls night out.
It was kind of hard to sleep that night because of the music still roaming Plaça d’Espanya.

I want to apologise for the lack of culture in this post.

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