Barcelona/Figueres, day 4 (07.06.2012)

I guess by the looks of the title you know where we were going next. Yes, you’re right, we were visiting the Dalí Theatre and Museum in Figueres.
We started by walking a small distance to the train station, where we were quite confused. We also saw a man waving at an other man for about ten minutes before he noticed. It was quite funny. After figuring the tickets and stuff out we made our way to the track our train was leaving from, which turned out to be the wrong track. Fortunately the right track was just behind us. Aboard the train there really didn’t happen much. We sat on the train for a good two or three hours laughing at some stupid, yet hilarious jokes on my friend’s phone and some of us fell asleep.
When we arrived Figueres we were struck by a heat wave. There was actually a big difference. If you’re uncertain where Figueres is compared to Barcelona, here’s a map:

But seriously, Figueres isn’t very far from Barcelona. It is almost at the border to France, but still in Catalonia. Apparently it’s Spain’s “market-town”, which was noticed. Apart from the train station the first thing we saw were markets… not that there was a whole lot of them, but they were like right outside the station. They had a lot too: bread, jewelry, candy and other cool stuff. But in spite of the town’s reputation we didn’t see a lot of markets after this point. However, there were a lot of shops (obviously). The town sort of reminded me of where I live, only prettier, bigger and warmer… and with different sort of buildings… and people… and, well it didn’t really seem like my town, but in was sort of quiet and nice like my town.

We sat down at a little sandwich café and had lunch before we continued our epic quest to the Dalí museum. After making our way through several alleys we finally came across a building that stood out, sort of. Though, on the outside it didn’t really seem that crazy, we would be hit in the face with surrealism as soon as we walked inside. The first thing we saw was this thing:

As you can see there’s a huge woman standing on a car. Inside the car there was a man and when we put 50 cent (or something, don’t quite remember)in it, it started raining inside the car and music came out of the front of it.
This thing was sort of in the middle. If you can imagine the building had sort of a hole in it, and in this hole there was a small round garden. On the walls of this garden there were several mannequins in different positions. The garden was actually quite beautiful, but not really a garden. There weren’t really a lot of plants (as far as I can remember) except on the walls.
After admiring this for a while we made our way through this huge museum. Now, I’m not going to talk about everything because it really was very very large and there were things everywhere! And I only have so many pictures and I don’t remember where everything was and so on and so on.
First off, I want to talk about this thing:

If you’re very familiar with Dalí this probably won’t be as cool as it could’ve been. Look at the picture: Looks like any old picture, right? Could be one of Dalí’s weird arse ideas to paint a woman like this. BUT! Look at this:

The picture is actually an entire room. From the side it looks like an ordinary living room, but after standing in line for a half hour, walking up some stairs and looking through a big round window thing hanging from a dromedary we saw a woman’s head. In fact, the woman in question is Mae West, a popular American actress. I don’t know if you can tell.

As we continued through the huge museum we encountered several strange paintings and sculptures. I just want to show you some of them to give you an impression of his kind of art. I don’t have anything in particular to say about these, so you’ll have to excuse me.



Now, there were some things we actually managed to capture, like this thing:

As you might notice there is two slightly different paintings separated with two mirrors… I don’t really know how to explain it without using my body language. The picture in the middle is the result of the pictures on each side of it, there’s not really a picture there, just two mirrors facing the pictures on the side. I hope you understand. The point of this is to get close to the middle (with your nose actually touching the glass cover) and you would see a painting in the middle, combining the paintings on the sides. This created a 3D effect. It was pretty cool.

There was also this other thing:

I didn’t really try this, and I don’t really know why, but there you are. I guess the point was to looks through this, almost sort of telescope, and you could see two different paintings. You can almost manage without the telescope. You see a naked woman and if you squint your eyes you can almost see a man. I don’t know too much about this because I don’t know what it’s called, unfortunately.

There was also this little room you could walk into and see things like this:

I don’t even know how to explain this, because I don’t know how it works, sadly. What I can say is that going in to this little room made me really dizzy and confused. It almost looked like the pictures were moving and wherever you went you could see different parts or different angles of the picture. As I said, I don’t really know how to explain.

Then there was the really cool things we couldn’t really take a picture of. One thing was this glass plate with some green light on it, coming from the back (it was put up against a wall, almost. It didn’t really touch the wall, though). When you were standing on the side you could only see the green light, but when you were standing right in front of it you could see two paintings on top of each other, creating a hologram. One of them was Las Meninas by Diego Velázques, and the other was a card game. I don’t really know if the other one is a famous painting, or if it’s just a random photograph or anything. But I do know that it was very cool and kind of creepy, even. You can see a video of it here.
There were several holograms (or at least two) at the museum. One even featured Alice Cooper.

Also there was this other thing you could put money in. It was sort of a show with Jesus. There was several boxes inside i tiny tiny room with glass in front of it (most probably so people couldn’t walk in and destroy it). The boxes were covered in aluminium wrapping and looked like mirrors. One box had Jesus on the cross in it, and I am very sorry to say I don’t really remember the entire procedure of the thing. What I do remember is that when you put money in it, it created church music and the boxes started moving. That was about it.
I just have to explain something really annoying in case you were to do this yourself: when you put money in it EVERYONE needs to see it, and they’re all trying to get to the front even though YOU put the money in it. I know people might not be aware that you paid for the “show”, but it’s just a little heads up: you might not be able to enjoy it even though you spent money on it.

That’s about all I’ve got from this museum, but wait! There’s more. When we walked outside there was another museum waiting for us just around the corner. In this museum we could see some of the jewelry and probably more expensive (seeing as it was made of gold!) figurines he made.

This is probably my favourite, because I just love these elephants with the long thin legs. They’re awesome!

Probably my next favourite because this one’s very very cool. You see the red thing inside the heart? It’s a heart, and it was beating! It was amazing.

After a long day we took the train home, had some food and went to bed.
Here are some pictures of the outside. This is not the entrance we used, there was one on the other side which was quite normal.

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