Barcelona, day 2 (05.06.2012)

The next day, still in despair, I joined the others who were making their way to the Sagrada Família (the Holy Family, obviously). A little history lesson: though the project wasn’t really Antoni Gaudí‘s project in the first place (and thoght it was to be dropped in 1882), he took the project in his own hands in 1883. He devoted his last living years to this project and the chuch is, still to this day, not yet completed (though he died in 1926). The people of Catalonia hopes the building is never finished, and that was the plan (to have an endlessly growing church) until recently, when they decided the church will be finished within the next 10 to 20 years (or so, I don’t really remember). To be honest that even made me a little grumpy. The idea of having a church that’s just growing and growing for an eternity is awesome, and for them to just throw that idea away like that makes me slightly angry.

Even so the building was still in work when we arrived. The queue was stretching around every corner of the church, though it still managed to move rather quickly. The first thing we saw when we came in (that is, “in”; passed security) was a huge entrance with among other things modern depictions of scenes from the bible, which was apparently uninteresting. All we felt was necessary to take a picture of was this dog:

And this man.

Inside we could see drawings of his ideas.

And this is how the modern side of the church looked like.
After admiring the outside for some time we went inside. It was quite huge and bright and the sound of the workers outside was sadly enhanced. The first thing we saw (considering it was right in front of the door) was a lot of chairs, and I figured it was for religious services. And that got me thinking: since it’s a church, shouldn’t it be used as one? I mean, this church is and most certainly will be a huge tourist attraction and seeing as thousands of people will visit it every day, is it possible to use it for what it is? Or is it just to be build to be used as a tourist attraction?
Either way it was very beautiful and I really enjoyed it. Here are some photographs from the inside, in no particular order:

I just wanted to show you how beautiful it looked when the light came through the windows. It created lovely colours everywhere.
When we were just about ready we went out again, only now we could see the other side of the church. It was quite different.

Here we could see other very lovely sculptures.

You can very easily see how Gaudí was inspired by nature, and especially dripping rocks. If we do like this:

We can see the resemblance. In fact, it looks a little bit like a parable, but he did use a very special technique to make this. What he did what hang chains in the roof like this:

and placed a mirror beneath it. In doing so it looked like the chains were rising from the floor, and resembled the church we know today. Brilliant, eh?
He also used animals a lot. At the bottom of one of the poles there was a turtle. We had a picture of me leaning on it, but it was caught in a fire. Just kidding, we just didn’t include it. You can just barely see it in this picture, though.

After a long time at the Segrada Família we went to the beach. Just to get this out of the way. I honestly don’t enjoy beaches. There’s way too much sand and wind to be enjoyable and I’m terrified of creatures hiding in the sand and the ocean (I’ve been watching way too many shows on National Geographic Channel). But we didn’t stay long. We had a quick dip and took a nice picture:

and then we were off again. This time we headed for La Rambla, a long street stretching from the harbour (where Christopher Colombus points at the ocean) and all the way to Plaça de Catalunya. The street is very busy and sometimes fun. Sometimes you can see things like this:

And other times not. There was a lot of markets though. Even some that sold baby pets.
After a while we got tired of walking in just one direction and turned left for the food market, where I was assured by a man over the telephone that my passport had been found and could be picked up at the airport when we were leaving Barcelona. And thus my life was saved. I can not thank you enough, random person!
At the food market they had a lot of yummy things and a lot of ewy things. Among the yummy things were this:

And among the ewy things were… this: (warning! May make you vomit)

After a very long day (I mean, look at it!) we went home and had a nice rest.

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