Barcelona, day 1 (04.06.2012)

I hope you’ve been as excited as me for this one! As you probably remember I came home about two days ago, and I must say that I’ve been exhausted since. But it was a great experience and I hope I can manage to share it with you properly.

The whole thing started at 05:00 in the morning. The plane left Airport Rygge at 10:00 a.m. and so our teacher, Arne, decided we should be there at 08:00, so there could be no mishaps. We all arrived there at 08:00, as planned, and noticed we were in the paper. However the website for the paper seem to have forgotten. The pictures will probably be scanned over to my computer and posted here sometime somehow.
Still, we were pretty excited over both the peper-thing and the going-to-Barcelona-thing. After passing the security swimmingly we sat down at a nice café and got bored. We sat there for almost one and a half hours doing nothing, until eventually the airport told us we could go to the gate, even though there seemed to be yet another hour ’till even the aeroplane arrived. So we got bored again.

After finally sitting down in the aeroplane we took off quite quickly. As soon as we were up in the air I put on my headphones and fell asleep, and didn’t notice anything interesting during the flight.
When almost three hours (!) had passed we were ready to land, and nobody died. Honestly, nobody died, it went fine.

The weather in Barcelona was awesome. It was warm and sunny, unlike here.
There was a small trip with a bus to our hotel.. no, what am I saying. Instead of booking a hotel we had rented a nice apartment in a nice building not far from the Miró Park and  The National Museum of Art of Catalonia. We made a quick trip through the park before we arrived at the apartment. There we met a man who wanted to give us the key (and who conveniently and incidentally knew how to speak Norwegian).

This is how some of it looked like. Unfortunately we didn’t take any more photos of it, because we found it uninteresting.
After relaxing a bit we decided to go out again. And while trying to put on some other clothes I found this an excelent time to put my passport at a more secure place.. and noticed it was gone. I was, and I can’t emphasize this enough, completely in despair. The rest of my day was basically ruined, though I managed to look smashing for the next photographs.

I’m waking towards The National Museum of Art of Catalonia. Interesting.

For some reason our teachers decided they should run up the stairs and pull off this awkward pose. (Also notice how the man to the left have the exact same outfit as one of my teachers!)

And then we sat down for a cup of coffee, some ice cream and some soda. We didn’t go inside, though. Instead we started walking towards Montjuïc, where they hosted the Summer Olympics in 1992…

 … and where we, for some reason only took this one photo.

After that we went some place called Tapa Tapa, who obviously served tapas, to celebrate Lene’s (the adorable ginger) birthday.
I am not going to go into detail what we eat everyday, because it’s rather boring. After eating an O.K. and expensive dinner we went home, realised we had Discovery Max, the only channel on our TV that spoke English and who send one of my favourite programs, Top Gear, and then went to bed.

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