Goodbye, Spain!

So after spending a week and a day in beautiful Barcelona I am now sitting comfortably in my chair writing about my recent arrival home. I arrived home yesterday around 8:30 p.m. and was very tired. I watched an episode of Top Gear and went to bed.
And before I even begin to write anything about my trip I need the pictures I didn’t take. Considering I only have a crappy cellphone with a crappy camera I didn’t take any photographs, but my entire class of five were kind enough to offer some for me, only I have yet to get them over to my USB (shaped as an adorable owl). But it probably won’t take very long.

If you have (and you probably haven’t) read my Norwegian blog you could visit the archive labaled “Sommerferie” (“Summer vacation”) where I wrote about my almost four weeks long trip to France and England, day by day. You should read it, though it is strongly recomended that you know Norwegian. The reason I’m bringing that up is because I was thinking about doing the same thing here. But as mentioned: I need the photos first. But as soon as I get them I’ll start writing.

If you want you can subscribe (or “follow”) my blog on bloglovin’, and you’ll receive an e-mail when I post something new, which would undoubtfully be a part of my travel blog. I promise.

Try and enjoy this photo of Barcelona while you wait:

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