Summer in the city.

So the summer just hit for full here where I live! I don’t know how it is where ever you are in the world, but here it’s been around 30°C (86°F) every day for the last week, and it doesn’t seem to stop! Well, I might be exaggerating. It’s probably more like 25°C (77°F), and it’s supposed to be colder next week. But that doesn’t mean it’s exactly cold. Everyday it’s exhausting to be outside, or anywhere really, because it’s super hot everywhere you go. Especially on the buses. We got new buses around wintertime and they though it’d be very smart to remove the ability to open any of the windows all together. And the air-condition doesn’t work at all! It actually gives us rather hot air! It’s unbearable. It’s not that I’m complaining about the sun, I think it’s wonderful. We’ve been “blessed” with rain and cold for several months now, so the sun is nothing but a miracle. But sitting on the bus is killing me! It’s not enough that the air-condition’s breathing hot air, but the sun waves get stronger when they’re coming through the windows. It makes me gasp for air and I can’t wait to get out. Whose clever idea was it to close the windows shut?!

It’s also rather uncomfortable to be anywhere but in the supermarkets. They seem to have the only air-conditions that work. It’s a relief to enter the shops to buy icecream or just about anything, but whe I go out it’s like doomsday. And it’s probably not the fact that it’s so hot that’s making this particular period so unbearable, it’s probably just the fact that I’m not used to it. It just hit us all straight in the face and we’re all going around complaining about it, rather than praising it.

It’s also impossible to sleep! Even if you’re sleeping naked you’re not safe from the evil warmth from hell. I’m lying in bed twisting in discomfort because of the impossibly hot air! I wake up in my own sweat and I have incredible nightmares.
There’s no end to this misery. And I know I shouldn’t be complaining, considering how hot it must be other places like Australia or South-America or anywhere near the equator, and considering the bad wheather we’ve had lately. It just took a sudden turn of change and I haven’t adapted to it yet, that’s all.

I just wanted to get it out, because I’ve been so positive to this weather. Whenever someone’s complaining about the sun I tell them that if they complain any more, I’ll kill them. So I think I’ll stop now, before I kill myself.

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