Almost done. I’m sorry.

I think it’s about time I did a new post now. I’m sorry you probably thought I was dead and you worried your guts out, but I’ve been very busy. Honestly. I have! I’ve been busy finishing school. And having no homework. It’s occupying me mentally, okay?

So this is my official comeback. I’m here, thank God. I’m not dead yet.
I’ve also been busy watching The Young Ones over and over again, and have come to the conclusion that it’s probably my new favourite series. I think I’ve watched every episode (all 12 of them!) probably around 30 times each. The ones with Madness in them probably around twice as many times.
And coming to the conclusion that I’m also a big Rik Mayall fan, I started to watch Bottom as well, and decided that it’s probably my next favourite series, at least for now. I find myself in tears after every episode. You should really check both of these series out, if you haven’t already. They really are amazingly great! You can probably find The Young Ones for free somewhere on the Internet, but I have failed to find out where. But I know you can watch the entire Bottom series (free and legally, I suppose) here. Thank me later.

I promise someday I will do a vlog, and a review and everything. Just not right now.


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