I am not promising anything…

… but this weekend I’m doing nothing. Absolutely nothing. Well, I might do something, but I was thinking maybe I could take some time off doing all this nothing business and make a first vlog, maybe? I’ll find something interesting to talk about during these last few days and make it look good, so you’ll get a first impression. I will probably post the video on YouTube only with slight changes, like mentioned before. It might be a review or it might be just me talking about some random topic. I’m not sure yet.
As I said, I’m not promising anything so don’t get too excited.

I’m getting pretty good at updating my blog regularly, though, aren’t I? I just have to keep that up.

Also, if you’re in for a laugh you should check out this page. If you’ve heard of or read the Missing Missy story you’ll probably like the other stuff too (Please note: If you’re very sensitive to strong language (not that I think you’ll get offended by anything there) you probably want to stay out of it. Though there are some strong verbal images and some foul language, I belive it’ll be alright). It is very funny!

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