So I’ve been spending an eternity to figure out how my theme should look like. I want it to look somewhat like my norwegian blog, or something like it.. I don’t want it to look so serious. Not that my norwegian blog looks serious. But all the themes here do.
I’m having a hard time figuring out which ones I can have a header and which ones would fit to the ones I have, though it does look good now.. or at least OK. I want my theme to be fun, so I don’t seem like a complete idiot when I post something silly.

This website is really hard to use! There is so much to deal with. I can’t be the only one who find it exhausting?

Anyway. Does anyone have any suggestions? I want the theme to be  cartoon-ish or comic-ish. As I said I want it to be fun. And does anyone know (by chance) which themes allow picture-headers?

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