Sorry big time !

Hi sorry sorry ! I have not done a good job at this blog at all. It looks horrible and I am way too late to post something here at all. I don’t know how to do anything on this site.

There. That was my rant for today. And I just want to apologize again. It’s not WordPress‘ fault I’m a lazy dumbass. I need to pull myself together and just get started I think. I’ve not been very productive on my norwegian blog either, if it’s any consolation. I don’t have any good reason either, so just let me have it.

I have considered your answers (the one) for the question asked in my last post, and by that I mean the post before that, and I’ve decided that I will do a vlog someday soon. Also here I would need to pull myself together and get started.

There are some good news though. I just started this game review thing with a freind of mine. We just spent the entire day two days ago trying to figure out how to do it and how things work. I will post it here (with his permission), so look excited. Or don’t. I can’t tell either way. I’m not going to tell you which game we’re reviewing, but I can say that it’s one of my personal favourites.

Again: sorry for the way too late post. Here’s a picture of an adorable baby sloth to cheer you up:

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